Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

A lot of negative media has been written about coffee. But moderate coffee drinking (three to four cups per day) can have a variety of health benefits.

Remember that 8 ounces is the equivalent of a cup. Coffee drinkers should try to stick to a “healthy” cup- avoiding cream, sugar, or milk as much as possible. Unsweetened almond milk or soy milk are better options than creamer. You can make your own blend by adding vanilla, unsweetened cacao powder, and cinnamon.

Health Benefits of Coffee
1. Anti-oxidants

After roasting, coffee beans are rich in antioxidants. This type of antioxidant paired with the coffee’s magnesium can impact blood sugar levels and is thought to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

This beverage is considered one of the best for your health if you add it to a balanced diet.

2. Better Brain Function

It is possible to show coffee in a variety of ways improve brain functions Memory, mood and cognitive function. Consuming safe amounts of caffeine will not have any side effects.

3. Enhances physical performance

Online resource, Healthline, cites studies that reveal coffee can improve physical performance during a workout. Through increasing adrenaline levels, and releasing fat acids from fat tissues. Caffeine has also proven to increase epinephrine (“fight or flight” hormone) which makes our bodies ready for physical exertion.

A cup of coffee 30 minutes before you start your workout can help to break down fat cells. Providing a natural alternative to a “pre-workout” supplement.

4. It keeps you hydrated

Although water is still the #1 choice when it comes to hydration and black coffee has 99% water. Decaf is your best option if you’re looking for an alternative to water.

Black Coffee Transition

Taking your coffee without cream and sugar is a struggle for many people, but it’s an adjustment worth making. You can make the change by making small changes and repeating the process.

To adjust your taste buds, reduce the amount of cream or sugar.
Consider limiting the number of cups you consume each day by drinking only one cup with sweeteners.

You can have as many cups of black coffee throughout the day as you like.
You might enjoy candy canes and add some sweetness to your brew by using one. Next, gradually discontinue using the additive.

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