Benefits Having A Coffee Machine in The Office

Before lockdown, we saw more and more office managers wanting to improve their employee’s working environment through the introduction of an office coffee machine. Equally, even as we exit out of lockdown, office managers may be researching to improve staff happiness and ensure they continue steadily to get the same comforts that that they had at home.

However, with a coffee machine being such a sizable investment, you’ll want to make sure it’s worthwhile.

Carry on reading to discover the benefits associated with having an office coffee maker and just why you should think about installing a coffee machine in your workplace post-covid.

Increases energy levels
For the majority of us, especially those that have worked at home during the lockdown period, a cup of coffee is likely the first thing we reach out for each morning. It brings us out of that hazy morning hours slumber and energises us, prepared to take on the day.

Containing caffeine, coffee is a mild stimulant and boosts the processes between our brain and body. In acceptable doses, and within balanced diet, it makes us feel awake and more alert.

Stimulates productivity
As a stimulant, coffee keeps employees awake and more alert throughout their morning, improving productivity at work. However, maintaining your employees devoted to their work each day isn’t a possibility espresso consumption increases productivity.

It’s been proven that regular breaks from the computer screen can vastly improve employee productivity, allowing them period to stretch their legs, get their blood flowing, and re-charge.

Enhances creativity
When consuming coffee, you stimulate your brain and turn into more alert. This often works in the favour of stimulating strategies and thoughts. Whether working independently or as part of a larger group, caffeine is wonderful for engaging your brain and thinking outside of the box.

Additionally, coffee consumption may post the ‘burn out’ stage of creative brainstorming, enabling a greater number of methods to be created and discussed.

Improves memory
Coffee consumption has been linked with an improvement in both short-term and long-term memory, in specific tasks associated with recall. The findings discovered that the perceived improvement in memory performance was greater in the mornings than in the evenings.

With a sharper memory, employees can recall project details and deadlines better, enabling the efficient solution and completion of tasks.

It can save time
Through investment in a quality, office coffee machine, no longer will your employees feel the need to leave the office to order coffee from the cafe around the corner. With bean-to-cup and instant coffee makers able to cause a hot drink in under a minute, previously lost time is quickly accrued in added productivity.

Coffee can reduce stress
Proponents of coffee have always been singing the prayers of espresso as a stress reliever. Now, research has found that caffeine consumption can be associated with a decrease in stress.

Caffeine is thought to reduce stress through inhibiting receptors in the brain that to push out a chemical known as adenosine. Researchers found that these receptors are responsible for the unwanted effects of stress which stress-induced behaviour can be stopped by blocking the receptors.

It provides a pleasant working environment
Having a high-quality instant or bean-to-cup coffee machine at work can help to build a positive workplace environment. Your employees will have higher energy, be more cheerful, and be more confident conversing with other members of their team and the wider business. Regular coffee breaks may bring together employees who normally wouldn’t have a time of contact with each other, which can promote cohesion and lead to bonding within the workplace. These interactions can also form the foundation for future cross-department collaborations that can generate your business profit.

If you were in the position of deciding whether an office coffee maker was a worthy investment for your workplace, we hope your blog has helped.

Overall, an office coffee machine can boost productivity, reduce stress and improve department creative imagination and collaboration, setting up a positive workplace environment for your staff members. A thing that will be valued greatly post-covid.