Burger King Prix: Discover the Menu and Prices?

James W. McLamore and David Edgerton started Burger King back 1854 in Miami, Florida. However, some people believe the franchise was founded per year earlier under the name Insta-Burger King. Insta-Burger King was opened with a venture Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns in Jacksonville, Florida.

Health Benefits of Eating a Burgers?

Increased Iron Levels

Iron can be an essential nutrient, accountable for moving oxygen through the body, boosting your disease fighting capability, and aiding in digestion. Hamburgers contain high levels of heme iron, which is highly bioavailable and easy for your body to process. Adult men need approximately eight milligrams (mg) of iron every day, while women need around 18. A quarter-pound burger of 90% lean meat contains over three mg, which makes up about a substantial portion of your recommended daily intake.

Healthy Doses of Protein

Every cell within you needs protein to create new tissue, regular hormone levels, and fight off disease. As an extra benefit, protein also keeps you feeling full for longer, which can help with weight loss. Most dishes served up at an area burger restaurant boast more than 20 grams of protein, which is nearly half of the daily recommendation. To discover the best health results, choose a low-fat option made from at least 90% lean meat.

Maximum Vitamin B-12 Intake

Vitamin B-12 is vital for forming new blood cells, responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. A B-12 deficiency can cause deformed red blood cells, which can leave you feeling tired, lightheaded, and vunerable to gastrointestinal problems. The common quarter-pound burger includes almost three micrograms of B-12, providing you all you need within a meal.

Burger King Prix

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Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des prix du menu Burger King les plus récents et les plus récents (France). PRIX

Picked for you

Menu Double Steakhouse €10,40
Menu Double Smoky BBQ Bacon €10,90
King Junior €4,00
Menu Boeuf Cream & Onion €9,90


2 MENUS + 9 NEWGGETS €19,90
3 MENUS + 9 NEWGGETS €26,90
KINGBOX 20 Newggets €9,50
KINGBOX 10 Onion Rings + 10 Newggets €9,50


Menu Boeuf Cream & Onion €9,90
Menu Double Smoky BBQ Bacon €10,90
Crousty Cheese & Bacon €3,90


Menu Double Steakhouse €10,40
Menu Double Cheese Bacon XXL €10,10
Menu Double WHOPPER® Cheese €10,20
Menu Triple Cheese €8,60
Menu Steakhouse €9,20
Menu Big King XXL €10,10
Menu WHOPPER® €8,70
Menu Big King €8,10
Menu Long Chicken €8,40
Menu Crispy Chicken €7,60
Menu BBQ Cheese & Bacon €8,80
Menu Big Fish €8,10
Menu Wrap Crousty Chèvre €8,90
Menu Wrap Chicken Louisiane €8,90
Menu Newggets (6) €8,00
Menu Newggets (9) €9,00


Snacks €3,90
Snacks €3,90
Onions Rings €2,50
Newggets (4) €2,90
Newggets (6) €4,70
Newggets (9) €5,60
Crousty Chèvre €3,90
King Fries Chèvre & Onions €4,00
King Fries Cheese & Crispy Onions €4,00
Frites €1,90
Cheeseburger €1,90
Hamburger €1,50

Menus Enfants

King Junior €4,00
King JR + €5,00


Boeuf Cream & Onion €7,40
Double Smoky BBQ Bacon €8,40
Double Steakhouse €7,90
Double Cheese Bacon XXL €7,60
Double WHOPPER® Cheese €7,70
Triple Cheese €5,50
Steakhouse €6,70
BBQ Cheese & Bacon €6,30
WHOPPER® €6,00
BIG KING® €5,60
Big Fish €5,60
Crispy Chicken €5,10
Wrap Crousty Chèvre €5,50
Wrap Chicken Louisiane €5,50
King Fish €4,00
Chicken BBQ €4,00
Double Cheese €4,00

Formules Salades

Caesar Bowl €9,40
Caesar Chicken Bowl €10,40
Caesar Cheesy Bowl €10,40


Caesar Bowl €7,90
Caesar Chicken Bowl €8,90
Caesar Cheesy Bowl €8,90

Menus King Deal

Menu King Deal Double Cheese €6,00
Menu King Deal Chicken BBQ €6,00
Menu King Deal Fish €6,00


King Sundae Caramel €2,90
King Sundae Fraise €2,90
King Sundae Vanille €2,90
Cookie Duo Chocolat €3,00
Crunchy Brownie €3,60
Donut Chocolat Noisette €2,70


Coca-Cola sans sucre® €2,30
Coca-Cola® €2,30
Coca-Cola Cherry® €2,30
Lipton® Ice Tea Pêche €2,30
Lipton® Green Ice Tea Agrumes €2,30
Sprite® Goût Original sans sucres €2,30
Fanta® Goût Original sans sucres €2,30
San Pellegrino® €3,00
Vittel® €2,60
Honest Kids Bio Saveur Fruits Exotiques €2,80
Minute Maid Orange €2,10
Minute Maid Pomme €2,10
Jus d’Orange Minute Maid® €3,00


Sauces €0,20
Sauce Mayonnaise €0,20
Sauce Creamy Ranch €0,40
Spicy Andalouse €0,40
Sauce 1954 €0,40
Sauce BBQ Bulls Eye €0,40
Sauce Barbecue €0,40
Sauce Curry €0,40
Sauce Aigre Douce €0,40
Sauce Chili Cheese €0,40
Sauce Caesar €0,60
Sauce Balsamique €0,60
Sauce Olive Citron €0,60