How to Find an Instant Coffee That Tastes Fresh Brewed

The biggest complaint that people have about instant coffee is the taste.  People love to have a cup of instant coffee in the morning – it’s much cheaper than a coffee shop, and it’s quicker than brewing it from scratch.

What if it Doesn’t Taste Good?

Most folks remember the horrible old instant coffee their grandparents used to drink.  Why was that instant coffee icky?  What’s different today?

Traditionally, instant coffee was made from an inferior coffee bean because those inferior beans were cheaper to use.  It’s all about the profit.  The cheaper coffee beans are called robusto beans.  They sound robust, and they are.  But being robust doesn’t make them taste good.

Robusto beans are cheaper because they grow easily in many places, they produce huge crops, and they can stand up to mechanized harvesting.  Unfortunately, the beans themselves are just average in taste and sometimes worse than average.

Robusto beans have a stronger, harsher taste.  They also can have a bitter aftertaste.

So the basic reason regular instant coffee doesn’t taste like fresh-brewed is that many instant coffee companies use robusto beans.  Many others use a blend of robusto and the better tasting arabica beans.

Arabica Beans

You have to find an instant coffee made entirely from arabica coffee beans.  Arabica beans have a delightful mellow flavor that is less harsh and has fruity undertones with a bittersweet finish.  Arabica coffee beans can only be grown at higher elevations where the weather suits their tender nature.  This, of course, makes them more expensive.

Araku Beans

To nail down the taste of freshly brewed coffee, find Boomi Araku Instant Coffee. Once you realize you need arabica beans, you need to go one step further and only buy arabica beans that are grown in the Aruku Valley of the Eastern Ghats mountain range in India.  This is the one sure-fire way to get the best instant coffee you’ve ever tasted.

When you take your first sip, you will swear it is freshly brewed.  Of course, these beans are not cheap.  Boomi spares no expense to make sure your cup of instant coffee tastes exactly right.

Boomi Coffee company carefully chooses the coffee plantations that produce the best tasting Arabica beans in the Aruku Valley.  They work with the native plantation owners to ensure that the beans are raised in the most eco-friendly ways.  They pay their farmers to pick the beans by hand, thereby getting the best beans for the coffee.

The last step in getting that freshly brewed taste is extracting the water from the coffee. Then the best instant coffee is made by freeze-drying the freshly brewed coffee.  This process retains the oils, aromas, and fantastic tastes of freshly brewed coffee. When other companies process their coffee, they often use the spray drying technique.  Spray drying is, of course, cheaper, so that’s why other companies use it.

Unfortunately, the spray drying technique uses such high temperatures that the coffee loses many of the compounds that make the coffee flavorful and aromatic.