Super Helpful Tips For Creating The Perfect Wedding Menu

When you RSVP to a marriage, there is no need to choose between steak and fish. The world of wedding food has changed a lot. You have the opportunity to please your guests as well as add your personal style to your wedding menu!

Whether you’re bringing in your own professional caterer or taking advantage of an all-inclusive venue, an artfully curated wedding dinner menu ideas is the perfect way to take your special day to the next level!

1.) Offer enough options.

It is your special day so you should create a menu that highlights your food preferences and features your favorite dishes. However, it is important to remember that guests are also coming out to celebrate your milestone.

Offering a mixture of crowd-pleasing and individual preferences allows people to make their own choices. With a variety options, you can satisfy your own preferences as well as those of others. There’s no need to go overboard though—two to three choices for the main course will be plenty.

2.) Make sure the food matches the mood.

Your guests’ experience at your wedding should reflect the menu you prepare. Wouldn’t you think it was a little weird if you went to a formal reception hall and dinner was a table of pizza and wings?

Consider the venue, décor, attire, and wedding programs templates overall atmosphere of the event when designing your menu. A meal that’s out of place will disrupt the flow of the day.

3.) Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Dinner is more than a transition from the ceremony to the reception. You can make your meal part the event by experimenting with your menu. If a traditional sit-down dinner isn’t your thing, almost every catering service offers a buffet or food station option!

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either—something like a series of delicious tastings or a wine pairing can make things lively and memorable for your guests.